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Who we are:  

We began 11 Minutes Theatre Company to focus on process and community. Theatre is about play, and that is what we do as we strive to create and make stories come alive.  We play, we delve deep into our characters, we dance, create improvs, and we always build a family for each production.  The stronger we are and the more we support one another, the more vital and vibrant the performance and connection with our audience.  We honor the script and the playwright, and we pick pieces that we believe to be unique.  The company is comprised of local professionals who give generously of their time, creativity, talent and love.  We take creative risks during the rehearsal process, and if you would ever like to come and see we what do, contact us.  We want to make theatre and art available to everyone.  


Finally,  the name 11 Minutes was inspired by a novel by Paulo Coehlo, whose best known book is The Alchemist. He is a Brazilian writer who always wanted to work in the theatre but, believing that he was crazy (literally) for wanting to be an actor, his parents institutionalized him twice. He is a very daring and philosophical writer that understands human nature all too well. This novel is about art, love, sensuality, eroticism, passion, vitality, imagination and the discovery and development of whatever it is we are meant to do, no matter how challenging or daunting. The protagonist is also a very determined, brave and inspirational female, María. This combination of elements provided for the perfect name for our theatre company. 

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Photos from Elizabeth Rex

Some of our players

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