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We want to share what we know, and know what you can share. Community is the key and we want to be part of yours

11 Process:  Creation of character and the tools of Improv

11 Process: Creation of character and the tools of Improv

Welcome to the 11 Minutes process. This class is designed for people who would like to perform on the stage or just love acting. All levels of students are accepted. We go in depth to character development and create a process where the use of improv creates strong relationships among actors and the characters they play. Students are encouraged to bring in pieces that they would like to work on. However, a plethora of scenes will be available to choose from.

Empower the voice

Empower the voice

This class is designed for actors and non-actors. We will explore 10 themes (one a week) using literary pieces to strengthen our physical and vocal muscles. We will be rooted in the works of plays, but not all of the pieces are scripts. We will work with poetry, short stories, essays and of, course, plays. Music will also be incorporated into the class. This is a very physical class, so please wear comfortable clothing to move in.

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