His Story

What is known of Clotaldo’s life comes only from the public record. He was born on May 1 in the dry, rolling hills surrounding Siete Aguas, east of Valencia. His father, Colonel Hector Santiago de Alicante, led a series of successful military conquests and became a trusted advisor to King Eustorgio, Queen Basilia’s father. During one conquest, Hector married Magdalena Clara de San Miguel, Clotaldo’s mother and the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

The first six years of Clotaldo’s life were spent in Siete Aguas while his father was in military service. When Magdalena died giving birth to Clotaldo’s sister, who also did not survive, Hector entered into full service in the court of the king and moved his son to Valencia. Clotaldo attended the Catholic boarding school and military academy, achieving top honors and eventually leading a mercenary army to Toledo. Although Clotaldo never saw battle, he became known as a keen political strategist and succeeded his father as advisor to the queen upon her ascension to the throne.


Clotaldo is seldom in the public spotlight. When a visiting envoy once asked him what kind of wine he preferred, he reportedly answered, “Only that derived from the fruit of duty and the vine of the crown.”