His Story

As cunning, intelligent, and charming as Astolfo may be, he is equally distant, angry and impetuous.


Shortly after Duke Astolfo was born — on May 7, 1464 to Princess Recisunda and Duke João Manuel of Aragon — his father was tragically murdered after townsfolk say he witnessed two royal guards embracing in the woods. It was never proven. Astolfo has always had a deep longing for a father figure and strong male guidance, and growing up in a house full of women only fueled this longing, total admiration for his grandfather, and complete resentment of his mother.

Even as a very young boy, Astolfo excelled in everything from games of chess with his cousin to jousting tournaments. One of the many women close to Astolfo his entire life was his cousin Estrella. Born in the same year and quite sharp and strong-willed herself, she and Astolfo have been in constant competition their entire lives — from croquet on the palace lawn to strategic ally manipulation and coercion.


While he quite frequently articulates a complete distain for his utterly frustrating cousin it is quite obvious to anyone that he could not and would not survive without her. She, as they say, is the yin to his yang. To him, whether he admits it to himself or not, she is the only person at his level and of his worthiness.


Astolfo believes the only place in this world for him is on the throne. Anywhere else is a waste of his talent and would be contrary to his calling. It is irrelevant that the Queen may not yet believe he is capable of a position which requires such diplomacy and grace. And while he may not have the grace of the Queen he has accomplished significant things for the betterment of this monarchy in his own way, and fortunately for him, without the Queen's knowledge.


It is now 1501 and the Queen is ready to discuss an heir to the throne. He has worked his entire life for this moment. The pieces are in place. It’s time to play the last hand.